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App User Guide

  your tour guide re-imagined

get ready to Chase

PlaceChase asks a series of paired multiple choice questions.

The first challenges you to identify and locate a key Place of interest.

To answer the second, you must find a clue or feature of the Place, hidden in plain sight and often overlooked.

PlaceChase offers a map, hints to help you find Places along your Chase and images of each Place if you want them.

You can always skip any question and continue on on your Chase.

Once you find the Place and enter the clue correctly, PlaceChase rewards you with points and reveals the story of that Place, accessible both as audio narration and readable text, alongside historic images that enhance the experience.

Scoring & Navigating the Chase

  • Each question is worth a maximum of 10 points

  • You have up to 2 chances to answer the first in each pair of questions

  • Each incorrect answer reduces your possible score by 3 points

  • You have up to 2 hints to help you find your Place

  • Hints cost you 1 point each

  • You may access an interactive map to assist you at any time with no point penalty

  • You have just one chance to answer the second question of each pair

  • You may skip any question

  • PlaceChase will identify your next Place if you skipped a question or could not answer correctly; it is still up to you to find the Place

​Key Features

  • PlaceChase tours are downloaded individually, one Chase per download

  • Once downloaded, the Chase is yours; you may enjoy the Chase as many times as you like

  • The Chase may be enjoyed in a single continuous session or over multiple sessions

  • PlaceChase does not employ GPS and all of the required data is included in the download

  • Once downloaded, no further internet or cellular connectivity is required to enjoy your Chase

  • PlaceChase includes no in-app purchases

  • PlaceChase includes no advertising

  • PlaceChase neither collects nor shares customer data