storytelling with a twist

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Baby it's

cold outside!

The great outdoors not for you?

Stay warm inside & explore the

Secrets of the Met

or the NYPL

on your time


at your pace


on your phone







storytelling with a twist

explore NYC's

always fascinating neighborhoods

in an app that is fun

for everyone 

The PlaceChase app has been completely reconfigured so it's now even more engaging to explore NYC

Each tour now includes the full range of neighborhood sights, together with a suggested tour route, but YOU now get to choose which of them to visit, and in what order

See as much or as little as you want, on YOUR terms

 your tour guide re-imagined


PlaceChase apps guide you in an entertaining and interactive way through a New York City neighborhood.

PlaceChase is not your parents' tour guide.

It tells you not just the facts, but the story, the rumor, the speculation and the fake facts too. Each Place on the Chase includes 5 to 25 minutes of text and audio that reveal its often overlooked significance and impact. Connect the dots PlaceChase-style.

Whether you are looking for an afternoon of family fun, are a tourist planning a day's sightseeing, or are just plain curious about the city around you, PlaceChase is the perfect guide for you.

Don't just see the sights that everybody else sees. Explore them and uncover the forgotten or unfamiliar points in between.

Don't just visit New York, experience it!

Tap icon for description of available Chases 


Secrets of the Met

New York Public Library (NYPL)


FiDi (Downtown)



PlaceChase is easy to navigate


Tap on the icons below to explore the app's key features

Chase on your own or with friends

PlaceChase will answer all of your questions

let us show you why it happened, when and where,

and so what

Why is Central Park here?

What was Collect Pond?

Who was Boss Tweed?

What was the mistake of '98?

Where is Winnie-the-Pooh?

What was Five Points?

Where was it?

How did they build the Brooklyn Bridge?

Where did George Washington live?

What was the first eatery to welcome women?

Were there really sheep? 

Who wanted bison?

Can I see the gypsy robe ritual?

Billy the Kid was christened where?

Where is the Bridge of sighs?